Bespoke Products for your Business…

WEB Scraping

Automated Data Extraction, Processing, etc.

WEB Application

Custom Cloud-Based Solutions, ERP, CRM, etc.

Mobile Application

Android & IOS
or Hybrid

Website Development

WordPress/Woo, Shopify, Magento or Custom CMS

Desktop Application

Windows or

Commitment for Best Quality at affordable Price

Yes we do not offer cheapest prices; we are rather committed to give the best service in exchange for a reasonable charge…  

Our Approach to Development…

It is simple yet effective. We listen to you, in order to understand your product, your targets and you priorities, before everything else. We do believe that this is the key to build the success…

What is Our

We have proven track record with all trending technologies. We know what would be the most feasible solution for you, among alternatives…

We do build in various tech stacks

php, python, C#, C++, vb.net, R, html, css, swift, java, javascripts, ruby, and many more….

We do use cutting edge libraries/frameworks

Django, ERPNext, laravel, codeIgnitor, bootstrap, react.js, next.js, node.js, angular.js, flutter, react.native, and many more…

We do both front-end & back-end

You don’t have to worry about internal or external integrations… We handle everything with our end-to-end development services.

Our Process…

In our current environment where competition is huge, and sometimes brutal; software development is no longer just development. As ANC, we know that understanding client is the key to success.

We do:

– listen to client, understand the concept
– consider all potential solutions to offer the most feasible one
– direct client and suggest finetunes where possible
– establish a robust project plan, also called as Statement of Work (SOW), to have a common understanding
– organise regular streering meetings to monitor the progress and discuss challenges
– fulfill testings before delivering the milestone
– offer a sound maintenance plan after launch


We are flexible

We kick-off based on a preset SoW (Statement of Work). This is essential to have a common understanding around the deliverables, milestones, budget, and other specifications related to the project. But, this does not mean that the SoW is not subject to any updates or revisions. Requirements may change, and new ideas can reveal down do road… We know the need for flexibility very well… 

We are committed

We follow our deadlines, we keep you posted, and we direct you on time, should any changes in the project plan is required. Unexpected issues may arise, we do always prefer to keep you informed, rather than hiding them…

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